Vitaminas - Windows Phone 8.1

App Vitaminas is the Multifood Group’s Loyalty app for Vitaminas, Wok to Walk, Talho Burger and Capri brands in Portugal. It works as a common loyalty managing tool for all Multifood’s brands, allowing its customer to receive shared offers between all their restaurants, in any part of the country. But it doesn’t stop there.

The app was built as a one-stop-shop for the end user, allowing the customer to choose a restaurant, a meal and it’s every detail, to pay anywhere using their loyalty bonus and to interact directly with the kitchen just to know when his food is ready.


  • Windows Phone 8.1 (WinRT SDK);
  • Xaml (Blend)
  • C# 6
  • MVVM (Mvvm Light Framework)
  • Toolkit (WinRTXamlToolkit, WPToolkit, ...)
  • Push Notification (PushWoosh)
  • Social (Facebook SDK)
  • Analytics (GoogleAnalytics, BugSense)
  • Mobile Payments (Braintree)
  • Thing Pink API (RESTful, JSON)


  • Company: Multifood S.A.
  • Rating: 4.4
  • Region: Portugal
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