FC Porto - Windows Phone 8.1

Futebol Clube do Porto is northern Portugal sports club, a symbol of a region that is represented all over the country and all over the world. The dynamics and winning will characterizes FC Porto's teams mindset, either at their renowned football team or at basketball, handball, roller hockey, and other modalities.

We built a digital solution for FC Porto aimed at bringing the club and their supporters even closer, that helped the club turn casual fans into devoted friends. Our design aimed at giving fans anything they might need in one place, serving up-to-date content such as the latest club news, live Streaming, or all the important notifications. All of it comes in real time and is context aware.

"Using smartwatches as tickets for events and travel is by far one of their most convenient functions. For that reason, it's heartening to see big brands and organizations embracing the technology as much as possible, as with the news this week that famed European soccer team FC Porto now offers entry to its stadium via Apple Watch, Android Wear devices, and even the Microsoft Band."
- One of Europe’s biggest soccer teams now accepts tickets on Apple Watch and Android Wear


  • Windows Phone 8.1 (WinRT SDK);
  • Xaml (Blend)
  • C# 6
  • MVVM (Behaviors SDK)
  • Push Notification (PushWoosh)
  • Live Results (Firebase)
  • Social (Facebook SDK)
  • Analytics (GoogleAnalytics)
  • Location Awareness (Geofencing API)
  • SmartWatch (Microsoft Band SDK)
  • Thing Pink API (RESTful, JSON)


  • Company: Porto Comercial
  • Rating: 4.6
  • Region: Portugal
  • Award: FWA
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